Agreement Subject Verb Concordance

Agreement subject verb concordance is a vital concept in grammar that involves ensuring that the subject and verb in a sentence agree in terms of number and person. In simpler terms, it means that a singular subject must have a singular verb, while a plural subject should have a plural verb. When there is a disagreement between a subject and verb, it can lead to confusion, errors, and miscommunication.

The importance of subject-verb agreement lies in the fact that it makes a sentence clear and easy to understand. Misusing or ignoring this rule can result in sentences that are grammatically incorrect and difficult to comprehend. An example of a sentence where the subject-verb agreement is not observed is „The team of football players is playing well.“ Here, the subject is „team,“ which is singular, while the verb is „is playing,“ which is plural. The corrected version of this sentence should read, „The team of football players are playing well.“

To avoid such errors, it is necessary to pay attention to the subject of the sentence and match it with the correct verb form. In most cases, this is a straightforward process that involves identifying the subject and determining whether it is singular or plural. When the subject is singular, the verb should also be singular, while a plural subject requires a plural verb.

There are, however, certain instances where subject-verb agreement can be more challenging. One such example is when the subject is separated from the verb by a phrase or clause. In such cases, it is important to identify the subject correctly to determine the correct verb form to use. Consider the sentence, „The woman, along with her children, is/are going to the park.“ Here, the subject is „woman,“ which is singular, and the verb should be „is going.“

Another instance where subject-verb agreement can be tricky is with collective nouns. Collective nouns refer to groups of people, animals, or things, such as „team,“ „family,“ or „herd.“ Such nouns can be either singular or plural, depending on the context. For example, „the team is playing“ uses the singular form, while „the team are arguing“ uses the plural form.

In conclusion, agreement subject verb concordance is a fundamental grammar rule that should not be overlooked. The proper use of subject-verb agreement makes writing clear, easy to understand, and effective. When in doubt about the correct form to use, it is wise to consult a grammar manual or a reputable online resource to ensure proper subject-verb agreement.

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